I’m doing a review on app tracker today. This is an app that let’s you know what apps are now being offered for free. I’ve found this to be a great way to try out some apps on my iPhone that I would normally never get to.  It sorts the “now free” apps by recent, popular, and random. It also lets you know of apps that have recently had a price drop and even lets you easily track apps if there’s one you’d like to try, but only if its being offered for free or at a discounted price. Another reason I like this is once I’ve downloaded an app it’s mine forever, so regardless of if it’s something I see myself using much now, if it’s something I’m interested in I download it so it’s available for use at a different time. The apps are listed by name and maker. It let’s you know the previous price it was being offered at and gives it a rating. I only wish it would let you know on the listing what the app is, for example entertainment, books, ect. Most are easily determined though and this one thing doesn’t stop me from frequently using this app. Give this app a try and see what you’re iPhone could be doing for you.

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